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Warm Skin® Athletes
  professional sports team Professional Sports Teams. More than half of the Major League Football teams are Warm Skin® customers! Included are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Vikings.  
  todd Todd Salat, full-time "Aurora Hunter" Photographs the northern lights (aka the aurora borealis) in Alaska during extremely cold temperatures. He recently discovered Warm Skin® All Weather Guard. "I don't go anywhere without a tube of Warm Skin! I mainly use it around my eyes and nose because when I'm photographing the aurora in 40 below temps that's the part of my body exposed to the elements and it gets freeze-dried!." Todd says his face needs and appreciates the extra protection it provides and he uses it year-round. "Even during the summer when I'm out photographing Alaska's wild things I'll put some on. Warm Skin® just smells and feels healthy and pure."  
  Neal Mueller, mountaineer, successfully climbed Mt. Everest and used Warm Skin® to the summit to protect himself from the rigors of climbing the world's highest peak. Neal said, "It doesn't matter whether you are considering the mountain as a climber, or simply admiring it as one of the wonders of the world: Mt. Everest will take your breath away." Neal uses Warm Skin® while shoveling the snow from his driveway in Chanhassen, Minnesota as well to protect himself during mountain climbing. He has achieved his dream of reaching the summit of the world's seven highest peaks on all seven continents. Neal Mueller  
  Ann Bancroft Ann Bancroft, polar explorer and expedition leader used Warm Skin® at the North Pole in 1986, and again during her South Pole Expedition in 1993. Ann said, " I was showing slides of the 1993 All Women Trans-Antarctic Trek to National Geographic, and they commented that our faces look very good." Instead of looking chopped up and frostbitten, Ann said, "Well, we took care of ourselves. In the evenings we would slather Warm Skin® on our faces and hands after dinner. Then we were in really good shape in the morning."  
  Cliff Jacobson, outdoorsman and author of
Camping's Top Secrets: A Lexicon of Camping Tips Only the Experts Know
, 2nd edition, 1998, The Globe Pequot Press. Cliff wrote: "Moisturizers are among the most important and forgotten items on a camping trip. Warm Skin®, by Aurora, is the best hand cream I've found. It acts like an extra pair of gloves and reduces wind chapping. Its udder balm and aloe formula doesn't make your hands or tools feel slimy."
Cliff Jacobson  
  Alissa Vann Alissa Vann pedals Warm Skin® in Europe. Alissa, originally from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, uses Warm Skin® while cycling to protect her fair skin from windburn. Alissa currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, where she teaches and competes in cycling and World cross-country skiing races. Alissa is another Team Athlete who uses Warm Skin®.

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