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Warm Skin® Testimonials
  field test Hello David, How are you? Great I hope! It was a pleasure meeting you at the "Winter" O.R. Show in Salt Lake City, I want to thank you for allowing me to try out your fine product "Warm Skin"! I have been using this product regularly since you gave it to me last January and have found it to be very effective in protecting my skin from the elements. I hope you find the thoughts I have placed in the attachment helpful! Sincerely, Layne T. Oliver hiking in Butterfield Canyon S. West of Salt Lake City  

  Thanks to Kay C, From Burnsville, MN for these wonderful comments about Warm Skin:

There is an expression we all know "warm hands, warm heart" My husband Tom, a USPS letter carrier, uses the Warm Skin product all seasons here in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. During the winter months he goes through quite a bit of your product as he works outside delivering mail. It is impossible to do his job efficiently with gloves on. He dresses to keep his core warm and coats his hands with Warm Skin. Several of his customers are amazed how he is able to deliver cheerful greetings along with their mail while he has his hands exposed in sub- zero weather. His favorite story is shaking the hand of a customer as they reached out their door and having them absolutely shocked at how warm his skin was compared to theirs. We don't know of any other product that will protect Tom's hands and keep them flexible without cracking and drying out. We definitely have a warm heart towards Warm Skin.

Janet from Albion, NE recently wrote:

Approximately two years ago, I was having problems with the palms and fingers of my hands having a burning sensation and then the problem would proceed to the point that my skin on the inside of my hands would peel off like onion skin. It was very painful. My physician sent me to a dermatologist who upon learning that I was a quilter said that I was allergic to the nickel in the needles and could I use plastic needles. He prescribed two antibiotic creams for me to use. These were not at all helpful. My daughter talked to a friend in Minneapolis who told her that she used Warm Skin. She brought me a jar of Warm Skin. Along with finding a soap that I could safely use, I began to use Warm Skin. I hardly ever have outbreaks of peeling skin now. I am suggesting to our pharmacist to order Warm Skin and have recommended it to my physician. Thanks Warm Skin. Janet in Nebraska.

  Michael S from Minneapolis, MN wrote:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Warm Skin, what a relief it is. It works wonders on my dry chapped skin all year round. In the winter it keeps my cheeks toasty and in the summer months when I ride my bike cross country it keeps my inner thighs from chafing. Excellent product, would recommend to anyone who's physically active or just has dry skin. Thank you so much for your excellent product.
  From Leo M, Belleville, NJ- He wrote:

Warm Skin is not greasy and does not leave a residue. I like to use Warm Skin when I go out in the cold, dry air of winter. Warm Skin works because it offers skin protection to exposed skin in the biting cold of winter; protects against the wind too. My experience with Warm Skin was out on the ocean fishing on a cold winter day. It protected my ears, hands and face in a strong wind while fishing for blackfish. After awhile my friends started using it that day when they saw how I was more comfortable than them. All agreed it made a big difference. Leo
  From Sue H, Rochester, MN- She wrote:

I LOVE Warm Skin. I heard about it a long time ago when Ann Bancroft was trekking across to the North and South Poles. I'm a Ski Patroller and have to be out in the cold no matter the weather so Warm Skin is practically part of my "uniform". I keep a tube with me all the time and if the weather is cold, it gets passed around the patrol room as we're getting ready to go out. Warm Skin really works- I'm a true believer. My favorite Warm Skin story is the one guy that wouldn't put it on because he thought it smelled too feminine...he ended up getting some frost nip on his face and now will believe me. Love this stuff--Please don't ever stop making it! It is survival cream for Ski Patrollers in the cold of Minnesota.
  Read what Bonnie S, member of Twin Cities Bike Club wrote:

By the way… I love the Warm Skin product! I used it on my shins (therefore, also the backs of my hands) when starting a ride in 40º+ temps wearing knickers (all the others were wearing tights or full leg warmers) and I was comfortable for the entire day (the high that day was a very breezy 58º)! Since that weekend in Grand Rapids, I have used it a few times between rides and again this past weekend while riding in the “coulee country” area of Wisconsin in 50º temps with 30mph wind gusts. Again, very comfortable in knickers for rides both days! My first 3 oz. tube is almost gone so I’ll be calling back at Mississippi Market for that tub-size very soon!! Thanks again, Bonnie

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